Monday, 23 November 2009

last blog

Hey everyone!

It's over! at least for now.. Started in London in sept, then ten more cities..I think.. 30 000 people coming to the show.. I think.. hundreds of hours spent in buses.. at least.. toooo much bacon for breakfast and way too much indian, thai, n fries for all other meals.. But we had a f**king good time doin it! Hope all of you who saw the
show enjoyed it and for those of you who just read the blog n didn't see it, too bad, next time..

I want to thank everyone who participated in this tour and made it work.. Thank you.

With that said,
See you again!

Im goin for som great coffee now, later

/r bloggin' off

Friday, 20 November 2009


Today me n B did an interview for BBC radio, good to promote the show, although Im not sure we did, it lasted for like 3 min n immediately after those 3 min the interviewer basically looked down in her papers n said sumthin like "Ok, thanks, bye".. ok cool, um,  we'er just gonna go, thanks bye.. great fun..

then we looked around in Manchester wich seems like a cool place, loads of people running around, found good coffee also.. 

tmrw we have the last show in this tour! Be there.. see u 

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Ok, sorry it's been a few days since my last update but we've been busy playing laserquest and bowling.. and doin shows..

Last stop was Swindon. Didn't find that much to do in the center so we took a bus to the bowlinghall and found a laserquest centre! So we spent our whole "day off" there playin arcadegames, bowlin and shooting laser, good times.. my arm is soured from hours of bowlin though.. Good shows also, nice audience and stage..

Now we just arrived in Salford, a bit outside of Manchester, apparently that's very important, that Salford is not IN Manchester, it is outside of Manchester.. walked around here for a bit, totally empty, a bit scary, alot of big birds everywhere.. tmrw I'm goin to Manchester..
The show is on saturday, and it's the last one on this tour!

Hope to see u there!


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Thank you Newcastle! That was great, very nice audience, the stage was not as nice though, really wide but no depth.. But we had a great time anyway!

Too bad we didn't have more time to see the city.. Just came back now from a club called Floritas, had a great time with the cast, we needed it! Its kind of late now so Im goin to sleep, tmrw Swindon is the place.. 

It doesn't matter if its out of tune..

Good night


Thursday, 12 November 2009


Yes! The sound n light worked very smooth last show. Well done Nik n Harry! Overall a really nice show the last day in haiwicum.. 

Today we arrived in Newcastle. After 6-7 hours in a coach, that smelled funky. Thats about the most interesting that happened today. Haven't seen much of the city but Im sure it's awesome..

Oh, played "bop it" the whole coachride, best game, check it out..

If ur in Newcastle, come see the show tmrw!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Hey all!

4 days off.. it was sweet.. I went to Brussels to relax n do a bit of whatever, some went to Stockholm some to London, n now we're all back with new powers to finish of the tour. It's not that long left, not even two weeks! Bittersweet.. But we're starting here in High Wycombe, had our first show yesterday, and well, it went alright considering the sound n the light was doin its own think thru the show.. Not Harry's or Nik's fault, there is something wrong with light n sound-tables.. If I could explain what it was I would, but I can't obviously.. They're working hard on fixing it  so hopefully it will be great for tonight. 
Another surprise was Benke who came slammering in during the postshowtalk, another Bounce popup to see we're not marking the show.. we were all very happy to see him!

Now I'm goin to search for High Wycombe coffee... It's weird how ur suppose to pronounce High Wycombe, it's like, haiwicum..??

Big thanks to Edin n Bianca who kept the blog goin, especially to B who put up pics and did a beautiful finish in her last post.

byebye /r

Friday, 6 November 2009

This is gonna sound kinda silly but I wanna say it any way! Today when I walked to the wardrobe to get my plastic bag with clothes for the show I looked at all the bags that were set for people to take. Everyone has a name written on it. Daniel, Mario, Lisa, Robert, Edin, Gabriella, Letitia, Dawid, Joao... and Bianca. When I saw my name on the bag furtherst away I got a little tickle in my stomach. I’m sooo glad to be on stage with these people every week! I look up to each and everyone in different ways so I just wanna say thank you all! Now we have four days off, so we all got the opportunity to go home. I must say that I’ve been looking forward to this weekend, not that I don’t like being on tour, just small things that I miss like the opportunity to cook my own food, my bed, the possibility to go from one room to another... home I guess :) But going home also made me realize that this journey is going to end! I can look back at things now and smile, and I’m sure there will be more.

Some things: I love taking class, and Daniel’s class in Poole was the shit!!
The kids that threw popcorn at me during the silent movie. Could have been a nasty fight!
Edo’s never ending solo in Darklight, Sterling.
Fille’s suprise visit to Sterling. Can’t believe nobody saw him in the audience. Not even during the post show talk!
Gaby’s premier on the wall. Never have I laughed so much for so little.
Halloween - me the only one wearing a home made costume sitting alone with a glass of wine. Pure humour.
The pancake breakfast at Mario’s birthday. We weren’t too popular with the hotel chef after that. And just the feeling when we’re coming to a new city. Who’s gonna get single room? Where is Starbucks? How big is the stage? Will everyone be quick with changing clothes to the 80’s or will I be alone on stage forever with my pink leotard? Well... guess that’s all for now - wave and bow! Love B*
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